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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Plans (Idea stolen from Knitting on the Cam Mary)

Here's a few random musings about my plans for the upcoming months.

(And by the way, TODAY is the last day of Nablopomo. I'm surprised that I made it out alive. It really wasn't THAT hard, but I won't be keeping up this pace. Maybe every other day, something like that. We'll just see how it goes.)

1. I have to finish my mother's Christmas present. The red sleeve I showed you about a week ago, that's it. Considering that I've now moved on to the body, which is the front and back together, I'm averaging about a row per day, not exactly the speed of sound. Need to get a move on this.

2. I also hope to finish the top down sweater from a few days ago. This one however is moving faster than light. I'm already on the body of it, thanks to some great TV and equally great company. (Buffy and Abby, guess which one's TV.) I should have this thing out in no time, time will tell whether or not I will actually wear it.

3. I may need to knit up a few presents during this month, but I don't think I'll need them. Still, I've got everything ready just in case I need to turn out a hat at a moment's notice.

4. Weave in the ends on the BIG BLANKIE

5. Work on MY blankie.

Have a great Wednesday, and I can now say that I WON'T be burning in your eyeballs tomorrow.

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