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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here's what I'm knitting.

Here's a little shot of my mother's Christmas present. It's the Jali Cardigan from Summer 2010 Interweave. (the only reason I cancelled my subscription was because I didn't have the money, not because I don't LOVE their magazine. If anything, it really improved.) I'm making it in the smallest size, (I should knit more for my mother, she's conveniently small.) in a recycled cotton. A beautiful red color that seems to SCREAM Christmas.

Yes Abby, if you can read this, it is indeed the stuff you admired when you went to use the bathroom. I should never let you wonder the house alone. Though nothing has come up missing yet. (Hee Hee.)

In my master plan, and I do have one, I hope that knitting the sleeves first will make the lacy body seems a lot more interesting. Then, when I get to the other sleeve it will be like a release from the lacy. At least that's my plan. I do have one sometimes, but it's not always successful.

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