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Friday, December 2, 2011

New/Old Addi

It feels almost foreign to not be blabbing my every thought on this page. (Not my every though, but it does get close.) One day away, and I'm beginning to think that I'm suffering from withdrawal, or something like that. While I may not really need to blog, I like to do it. I think I'll be occupying this space a lot more often, which could be seen as either good news or bad news.

I've got several things that I could talk about. There's Abby's sweater, which I don't think would make a very good blog, and because I don't feel like pulling out the camera and going through the million-billion pictures on it. I could show you pictures of the Tomten Jacket, which has seen new life with it's little collar and 3/4 length sleeves. (If they were a little tighter fitting I would feel like "Big Strong Man. So Big, Grow out of Sleeves" be sure to say that last part like a cave man, otherwise it's just bad English.) But the sleeves feel a little bit more bathrobe-y to me. Pic's, well later when the camera doesn't seem so far away.

Last Wednesday was an odd day as far as knitting goes. I pulled back the body on the Jali Cardigan because it was evil. Possessed, I swear it is. That sweater tried to plunge it's needles into my beating heart.  So, instead of the cable-lace body, it will be a simple Feather and Fan stitch (I love feather and fan). If this sweater was the bible*, the old body would be the Old Testament, all fire and brimstone. This one however is like the New Testament of knitting -- all love and forgiveness. Hopefully I'll be able to end on a lighter note than the bible.

Ripping out the hellish body knitting was really not that bad. It felt good, like I was getting revenge on my knitting. It was made up for when The Generous Knitter (or Sindy as she is known by day) decided that she doesn't like her Addi needles (Can You Imagine?). For muggle readers of this blog, Addis are pricey, but worth it needles. They've always been out of my price range, but I'm now the possessor of three new-ish pairs.

(Sindy really deserves the title too. That V-neck Aran in Cascade 220, that was her yarn. That and a lot more that is happily resting on my bookcase.)

How she distributed them was laying them on the table at knit night, and everybody dove in head first, trying to grab a pair of two. (I got three, ah, being the only male, and younger, I enjoy being a novelty)

As I later said to Sindy (different one) "If you EVER want to start a riot among knitters, that it how you do it."

*I'm sorry if that offends anybody; I intended it for comedic purposes only.

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