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Friday, November 11, 2011

More Sleeve

While I know that I will never be one of those bloggers who post daily, I really like this new regime of posting daily. This month might be just enough motivation to get me to this page daily. They say that you have to do something twenty-one times in order to make it a habit, that should establish a habit of blogging daily. But I don't think my life is interesting enough to post daily. I imagine you don't want to see the before and after pictures of my doing the dishes. But this is really a lot of crazy fun, and I do love both of those things.

Anyway, before I went way off on that tangent, which isn't unusual, I was planning on showing you how very far I've come on the V-neck Aran sleeve. (Really need to think of a better name for that one.)

I just realized after uploading this picture that I really did show my natural state of untidyness. See those socks. I finished those, sitting here at my desk, at least two weeks ago. They made it about seven feet across the room to the radio, where I thought they would keep getting in my way, thus prompting me to take them upstairs with the rest. No such luck, oh well.

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