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Friday, March 26, 2010

A little ahead

A little is a bit of a strech, but I am ahead. I finished the back and one of the fronts of the sweater that I am knitting fom Son of A Stich 'n' Bitch. It's the Pub Crawler, I know that this sweater is not a cardiagan but I wanted a cardigan, so I am turning it into one.

I did a shawlette that was made up in my head. This actully had been done for a while, before I went down to Bryans, I just put of yakking about it. You how it is.

Started another shawl. This one is the Dummy Clap shawl, look on ravelry. Preety boring, just stokingette until you get all exiting in the bing off row. There you get to drop stitches, on purpose. Did you just get chills, because I did. But seriously this thing is very artful and easy as pie, a nice rest from managing the cable reapeats of the Pub Crawler.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What I Knit

Got back from a vist at Brian and Kathys over the weekend. They're all fine and if you want details email me with your phone number, and I'll give you all the good gossip.

What I knit over the weekend? Ah.... What a question, well its not really a question, I just put a question mark at the end so it will look like one. One would think that I could get tons of knitting done with the four hour car drive( We did it in three hours and forty minutes). Umm....no, I didn't get a lot done, just a couple of squares for an afgan that I started as a way to use up all those leftover bits, you know what I'm talking about. The little ones that are about half an inch thick. The just seem to keep coming at you, always more and more. No matter how many stash bustin scarfs you make they will always be there, just waiting until there are so many of them that they take over the planet and destroy all natural fibers!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe not,

It's just a great way to use up tiny leftover balls of yarn.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I did something!!!

There has been large amouts of knitting up here. I just haven't felt much like yakking about it, i'm just kinda in a rut, try to earm a little money by sending stories and poems and stuff into magazines and after the stuff I researched i learned that writers wages haven't changed much n the past 50 years so ...

I fixed the brim on a hat I made last winter. It was some acrillic that i got at a yard sale, I thought back then that there would be enough of it to do both a hat and scarf, but when I had a to small hat and a to small scarf, so I finally bit the bullet and unraveled the scarf to fix the hat.

I did a whole other hat, This was the two color hat from Knit two together by Tracy Ullman, it was in blue and red so it looks very nice.

A dish cloth

That pair of socks that I started, Lord knows when, these were knit on size 0 needles with the yarn that is left over from the tesb that I made last January(I'm wrapped up in it right now)Well, now i am going to watch this episode of Will and Grace(it's the one they go to see the Sound of Music)and then go enjoy this lovley weather!