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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project 333: and why I'm not doing it

You may or may not have heard what is going on over at Yarnagogo Rachael's place. (Link on sidebar.) She is doing Project 333, which you probably haven't ever heard of. Basically it's where you winnow down your wawardrobe to 33 items, and where them for three months. This excludes things like jewelry, underwear pajamas, ect.

I like the idea of this. I like the idea of only having clothes that you like. It seems really noble to me, but I have got a couple of reasons for why I'm not doing this.

1. I live in Ohio. This means that during the summer I need a lot of cool clothes, because it can get pretty hot here. But it also gets freezing in winter. So I need to have an extensive supply of both sweaters and shorts. I would be find now if I were to keep the sweaters and get rid of the shorts, but what about in a eight months when it gets hot out? Then I won't have anything to wear.

2. I like most of my clothes (or I do now, keep reading). If I look through my closet I see mostly things that I like. While they might be a little outlandish, (At the moment I'm wearing jeans, a cardigan with suede elbow patches, and an "I'm with Stupid" shirt.) I really do like them all.  There are some that I don't wear a lot, mostly because I don't have the occasion to wear them a lot, but I do like all of them.

3. There are days where I feel like dressing differently than others. I have some days where I like to cozy up in sweaters and feel like a collage professor. There are times where I like to dress like other people my age do (to an extent, I hate conformity) and there are days where I like to dress like a free loving hippie. It varies based on my mood.

Still though, I do like the idea of this. So yesterday, I carved out a couple of hours and got rid of the stuff that I don't like. The dumpy last resort sweatshirt went, as did the drop-shouldered monstrosity that is older than I am. I got rid of the tight cut-offs that made my legs look like sausages. The stuff that doesn't fit me went, and the stuff that weighs me down went too. Clothes should lift you up, Right? (Hell, clothes should fit.)

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