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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More needles than a Pincushion

Last night I lost a knitting needle between 10:22 and 10:25. I was knitting away on the sleeve for the EZ V-neck Aran, when I decided that I should finish watching that episode of Body of Proof upstairs. I planned to get up early today and get a jump on the day. (That didn't work so well.)

Somewhere, between the chair I was sitting in, and bed, I lost a knitting needle, and one that I really liked as well. A green metal DPN. Now I only have three of them. I managed to replace it with a Harmony bamboo DPN of the same size, but that still peeves me. And we all know that there is a huge difference between an aluminum DPN and a bamboo DPN. Oddly enough I prefer the metal, which totally negates the whole hippy-cruchy thing I have going.

I swear, this sweater is eating knitting needles. I've lost almost a whole set of the Harmony bamboo DPN's, and that's just from cable-ing. I think that's probably because I only need them every ninth round -- just enough time to lose them. Sigh.

You'll have more entries to look forward to like this. Nablopomo, you are one cruel, cruel mistress. Ask me why I did this and all you'll get is an icy stare, and a poke in the ass every time you sit. (Knitting needles are pokey)

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