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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still not yet

No pictures of the V-neck Aran yet, at least no modeled shots, Here's one of it lying on the ground.

 While the sleeves might be too long, and the zipper too short, I still love this thing so much. I washed it up on Monday, and it is now buttery soft and sweet. Smells like shampoo too. I should be able to get a few modeled shots of it later today. I really do love this sweater, and I've worn it the past two days.

Here is a little hat that I've been working on since yesterday. I've gotten a lot done, which kind of surprises me. That's about three hours of knitting, mostly done while reading. Knitting while reading still remains one of my most favorite tricks.

I bought the yarn for that hat yesterday, so all the knitting in the meantime was on an Afghan that's been on the needles since January. Almost done, and you can see it then. It's pretty much four giant mitered squares made out of left over yarn. Have less than half a square to go, wish me luck!

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