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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Running From What?

Okay, here's the thing, my Physical Therapist told me that, in addition to the home program that I am already doing, (which is about an hour worth of stretching and strengthening) he wants me to start running.

To those of you who only run to chase the ice cream truck (I miss those days) this running thing is a lot harder than it looks. After about maybe three minutes of running my whole body (or just my lungs, which should be pretty damaged, spending as much time as I do around smokers.) was screaming stopstopdearholyheavenstop!

Still though, the things I do for feet. I really want to be a runner. I want to be one of those people who get up before dawn, drink their eggs, put on their specially designed workout clothes and go jogging around Philadelphia.

Let me tell the whole story. I was raking leaves today for about an hour today. That was about one giant tarp load of leaves. Not really what I would call an hours work, but I spent a lot of the time today screaming "No! No!No!" as the wind blew my tarp across the yard. I spent a large amount of time failing on it shouting. (and the neighbor guy in the back, he just stood on his porch and watched me attempt to stay sane and rake leaves at the same time.) But I did get a load of leaves out to the curb, and I hope to get another one tomorrow, actually tomorrow, if I can wrangle someone to help me, I hope to get them all out. Dare to dream, I know.

Sorry, got a little sidetracked there. But as I hauled the leaves out to the curb I saw one of the neighbors go running by. He's one of those eggs for breakfast before dawn types. I figured that the best way to become a runner was to start running. He also made me remember what the Physical Therapist told me, which I worked very hard to forget. (I also forgot that he wanted me start jumping.) So I go in, lace up my running shoes (which are my everything shoes) put on the closest thing I have to running clothes, and set off.

I got back a few minutes ago. Gone for about twenty minutes, ran for about ten of it. Not to bad of a start. It beats raking leaves, though the grass might not like it.

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