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Friday, November 4, 2011

Aran Update

 Is there anything better than knitting in the middle of the workday? Don't answer that, just enjoy the calm, the quiet (not really, my neighbors are getting a new roof. I keep thinking that someone is knocking at the door.).

This is Elizabeth Zimmermann's V-neck Aran. Knit in Cascade 220, in a lovely shade called Permission. I would call it red. If I was feeling particularly descriptive I may say 'brick red'. Another inch or two and I'll be able to say that the body is done. WOOT!

That's the sleeve there. The first one, about halfway done. I'm so happy that on this one you're able to see the cable pattern. See the way that each diamond is filled with a different stitch, that's on purpose. So much fun, deciding which one is next. You can see it a little on the body, but not very well.

I changed the pattern a little bit, nothing major. She wants you to knit the sweater in the round, and while I can see that if you're making a pullover, or doing colorwork, I can't see it for an Aran like this. Sorry Elizabeth. But I am knitting it all in one piece, with Phony Seams (so much fun). I need to go do a little math, and see how long the sleeves need to be. Love this knitting.

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