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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankfull For . . .

Here we are on this day for giving thanks, or at least in this country. I for one have got many things that I'm thankfull for. There's the usuall stuff like food and clothes, then there are the other things like a good internet connection, the perfect cup of coffee this morning, and having holidays that fall in the middle of the week.

But, due to the current reading of Cold Mountain*, and watching Gone with the Wind yesterday, these days, I'm just feeling pretty thankfull that I don't have an invading army fighting a crutial battel right down the road. I'm pretty thankfull I don't have to pick cotton or worry about re-shingling the hen house.I'm very thankfull that I do not live in a time where the phrase "Fiddle De De" is socially acceptable. I'm thinking fond thoughts of synthetic fabrics and grocery stores, and my small yard.

*I always fall late on these reading fads. Cold Mountain was preceded by The Help, which wasn't too far off, and Eat, Pray, Love, which was, well, a while ago.

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