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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here some yummy knitting!

Do you remember the sweater that I mentioned a few days ago? The top down raglan in the Red H***t from a certain decade that brought us Madonna, and Flashdance? That one, well, as scary as the yarn is (and I ain't lying, this stuff is barf worthy) I really like the way that it is knitting up. Striped with a quiet light brown yarn of the same fiber content it becomes quiet calm and lovely. To bad there won't be enough of that yarn to finish it, but I should be able to get enough for the yoke. The body and sleeves can be striped in another color.

Would you believe that this is about twenty-eight hours worth of knitting. Which, might I add was all done while preparing and cleaning up after a Thanksgiving* dinner for nine people, and getting nine hours of sleep. Hate me at will.

This is what I hope with be a sucessful attempt to knit top down. I've tried it on another sweater, but I got inpatient and started the body to soon. That was probably not helped by the way I didn't cast on enough stitches. The final injustice occurred when I found out that you can not rip ripping backwards, like they all say. It's really true.

Even the best knitters, (which is what all my knitting friends call me, I don't believe them though. The more you knit the more you learn.) make mistakes, and my only excuse was that I was on pain killers (prescribed) at the time.

*It wasn't on Thanksgiving. My parents love the leftovers, so they always make their own dinner the weekend after. I think it's quite a good idea.

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