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Monday, November 7, 2011

So what to talk about today?

I'm kind of running out of ideas. I've told you about my plans to learn a language that is only spoken in one county. I've told you about Project: 333, and how I'm not doing it. You've heard about my knitting, and how I've got only a few rows till I'm done with sleeve one on the V-neck Aran. (I should have come up with a better name for that one.) Desperate Housewives last night lacked the magic that it usually holds for me.

So, in short, I've got nothing. No insect has endangered my life so far. There have been no revelations, whether they be minor or major. I haven't decided to go on a life changing quest (or I haven't decided which one to go on). And I don't think you want to hear my views on whether or not the U.S. really went to the moon. (Which last night's Pan Am really helped me concrete my views on this. The U.S. government will do anything to get ahead.)

So, I'm just going to go (I may be posting more entries, but they are a lot shorter.) Hopefully I'll live to blog another day.

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