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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A love affair with all things Italian

In the past few days, my mild obsession with all things Italian, has developed into a raging case of consumption with all things Italian. I've always loved the country (At least the people, the government, a touch unstable) but due to a few recent book reads, and just me being me. I want to know everything about it.

I'm going to start learning the language. I already know a little, mostly gleaned through media, but that's still a start. I want to start taking classes in it soon, I just need to find out where would be a good place to do that.

Sure it's impractical. Sure, only one country speaks it, but you have to figure, at least it's not like the time I wanted to learn to speak Finnish. At least one country speaks this (most Finns use Swedish). And this is an easier language to learn, because it's based on Latin, like English. And this will make learning other Latin based languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese (sic) a lot easier.

And it's so pretty.

In other news, I finished the body of the V-neck Aran. Pic's tomorrow. I really like it. Always a plus.

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  1. I agree. Such a lovely, expressive language. Make sure you learn the hand gestures that go with the words...