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Sunday, November 13, 2011

No Sweater, but Huggy Coats!

Still haven't woven the ends on the V-neck Aran. Don't ask me why, but I haven't felt like fooling with it. Odd, a beautiful sweater needing maybe an hour of finishing, but I still don't have the urge to finish it. I hope to wear it Tuesday, so I had better get on that.

Of course I really don't have the time to fool with that today. Wish I did, but I really need to get some writing done, and I have done my physical therapy since Friday (Oy, I skipped one day, shame on me.) I could do it tonight during the THREE hours of TV I plan to watch. Ah, Sundays, for some it means church, for others football, but for me, it does, and will always mean (say it with me) Desperate Housewives.

Now it's time for me to try and put a funny spin on baking bread, while every so often banging my head into the wall for no apparent reason. Does that sound like the actions of a mentally deranged person? Don't answer that, I'll just wait for the nice people with the huggy coats to take me to a quiet place.

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