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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Which housewife is the most desperate?

(If you have a life and don't really care about Desperate Housewives, please feel free to skip to the bottom for knitting content, how ever little it may be)

Some readers will recall that I have a nasty terrible insane growing addiction to Desperate Housewives. I can't explain it, I just do. In my defense, the day that I started watching it, the remote was broken, and that was D.C. (during casts) so I couldn't really get to the T.V. to change the channel, and it really is addictive.

The episode tonight was nothing out of the ordinary, just your usual lies, men, and creepy narration. Susan did collapse, and while that was not too shocking at the time, It may prove to play as a major plot point in the next few weeks.

Apparently, another house wife is going to commit suicide. So naturally, the only thing that I have on my mind is who will it be? Who? Who? Who? This whole not knowing thing is just eating at me. I know, I should grow up and get a life, and stop watching so much T.V. but I don't want to. I just have to know.

Now in my head, I have narrowed out Gabi, Renee`, and Lynette (Why couldn't they have given any of them a normal name) for the reason that they have no motive. This could change after next week's episode, but I am still sticking with my guts. But Susan, Brie and that woman that's married to Paul, I think her name is Beth, but I'm not quite sure, they defiantly have reason to kill themselves. Plus the kitchen in the commercial looked like theirs'.

Susan is on dialysis, and it might not be working, as shown by her collapse, and that might be why she would kill herself; not wanting to wait for death and all that. Brie's boyfriend did just leave her, and she is a bit of a mess anyway. And Beth was just kicked out of her husbands house, that is enough to make anyone think about suicide, as Mary Alice said, "She had know where to go."

Do you want to bet on how much sleep I'll be getting in the next two weeks. I would say about three hours a night. Do I need to get out more? Yes. Am I starting to loses it? I never really had it. Do I care about any of this? Not at all.

Knitting Content Here!!!

Some thing finished here.

No, over here, behind the chair, in the corner.

The pair of socks from yesterday are Done. (Note the capital D) Not much really to tell you about, I think that you can scroll down and see read all about them in the last post. I really want to get that USB cable, one day here real soon. Whether I will or not, remains to be scene.

Sorry about the small amount of knitting content, but this is only a knitting blog, what do you expect, Knitting?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not a whole lot

That's exactly what's happening here, not a whole lot. I keep thinking about how I should blog, that it has been almost a week since I last posted, yada yada yada. But that's the truth, I don't have anything to yak about. I lost my ability to yak, I'm yak less. But I need to find something to yak about, I must power through this crippling disease.

Well, for starts it's warm here. Or at least it was a few days ago, I mean it feels great how there's no more snow and the sun is shining, but it is pretty cold and windy. Not unbearable, but certainly not pleasant. I sat outside for all of twenty minutes, then because my fingers were numb, (Damn, why did I leave those mitts in the house?) I decided to go back inside.

I knit a little today, the start of some super secret presents. The person I will be giving these socks to, reads this blog, so I will be keeping this project a secret. (that narrows it down two or tree people) Of course I could just click backspace, and pretend that I never wrote that, and that  they're for me, but you can obviously tell that I didn't do the.

While You Were Sleeping is on tonight. I think that I will work on  a pair of socks that is distend for the long range planning box. The yarn is Berroco dk comfort in shade 2813, Multi brights. I used some burnt  orange-y yarn for the heels and toes, they need about maybe ten more minutes of knitting. I love this yarn, good thing that I have enough to make myself a pair in them. I really do have enough yarn to make more, I've got more than half of what I started with, I know that will be enough.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mitten Weekend

This weekend was defiantly a weekend for mitten knitting, and defiantly on for finishing afore mentioned mitten knitting

First finished mitten was yet another Fair Isle one, and a Norwegain one at that. I think that I'm begining to develop a bad adiction to these. I just always need to have one on the needles, and jsut do a few rows every now and then, you know, whenever I have a bad day, or just need to take the edge off. I don't think that I have ever made any that arn't Norwegain. Part of it might be that I only own one book on them. This lovley book is where all of my mitten addiction comes from. I made the mitten day mittens from it (again) and I still love the pattern. This time though, I adapted it a little. I made them with garter stitch cuffs, in pink and white, and this little technique that I just kind of made up. I call it sandwiched I-cord. It it kind of like applied I-cord and  I-cord border in one. Not that hard at all, sort of looks like a Latavian braid, let me know if you want to know more about this.  Oh, and I also made them with striped palms, I bear an odd love of striped palms. (was that the right bear there, I can never remember whether I should use bear, or bare, because niether one makes any sense)

The next one was thrummed mittens, and I feel even more in love with every time I see the inside of them. For those of you who live normal lives and have fulfilling lives lack in the knowledge of the thrum I direct you here. But I don't advise clicking on that unless you want to lose vast amounts of time to the ways of the thrum.

For those amoung you who don't like links, I will give you the short version of it here. A Thrummed mitten is just a regular mitten that has roving worked into it periodically, to make it super duper warm. I do believe that the technique is of Newfoundland decent. I loved making them, and my mittens were in black with brown roving.

(I have located my camera, but not the USB cord, I will buy one as soon as possible, but that probably won't be very soon)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm just tiered in more way then one. Way number one that I'm tiered: Well, this should be the obvious one. Everyone in this house keeps different schedules, this usually only bothers me when I think about it. My father is on third shift, and usually leaves for work around eleven thirty.  This would not be a problem, if we had more than one bathroom. But we don't, and anytime anyone has to use the bathroom, they have to go through my bedroom. Again, something that only bothers me when I think about it. Well, I usually get up around six-thirty to seven. I need to have a few minutes after my father leaves to, I don't know, calm down. But, the way that people go in and out of my room before they go to bed, usually leaves it closer to midnight by the time I am ready to turn in for the night. That is so not enough sleep, for me at least, so I now rant about this to everyone at any chance I can get, mostly because I'm tired.

I am also sick of what I'm knitting, I like to flirt and flutter between all of the usual projects, but that is of no avail when you are sick of all of them. This bugs me more than the whole lack of sufficient sleep thing, because knitting is supposed to be fun, right? This is my lifestyle Hobby and it is what I do when everyone bothers me to the point where I want to kill all of them.* Not to mention, the sleep thing is really out of my hands, (okay, I could not get up so early, but that also means that I don't get as much done, and I like to get the first cup of coffee out of the pot, its the strongest) but with knitting, I could easily fix this by just starting something knew, but the thing is, I don't want to get too many projects on the needles, but at this point, I'm just about ready to say screw it, and knit what I want, when I want.

*Please understand that I would never kill anyone. I just said that because I am strongly starting to suspect that they are starting to leave me alone, just enough so that I don't chop them into little bits, but enough so that I'm completely stark raving mad. I must investigate this further.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, I tried

All righty I have not been doing to well on a certain resolution. Any guesses (Remember, this is me, the one who knits while he does anything, I'm surprised that I'm not knitting while I type this blog entry up. Oh, I just tired, I don't recommend it, I used backspace more than the actual letter keys)

The one about keeping only a few WIPs. Now I would like to apologize right here, for any upset that this may or may not be causing you. I have thought it through, and I would much rather be defeated by a resolution, than knit on only a few things. I love knitting way too much to do that, but the year 2011, I'm not impressed yet, maybe if the year improves, I will try harder to keep my resolution, but don't hold your breath. Besides, what am I to do if a project misbehaves and I need to punish it for an undetermined amount of time. A lot of my stuff misbehaves, I blame the cats.

But the least I can do with all of my various handknit objects is be neat with their storage. Right? After all the best fate for knitting besides being finished is to be kept neat. So I took a while and now all of the half finished "stuff" is now comfortably nestled in baskets and bags, resting in various places in this house.

I am trying to work on it every thing a little bit here and there, but maybe form here on out I will just knit what appeals to my taste, not to everybody else's tastes. This means that I will now be able to abandon the small bag that will hopefully be a large bag one day, and go knit something fun, really, really fun. Which lets be honest, the something fun, chances are that it is something for me. I'm a selfish knitter, only me knows how much hard work was put into that object, let everyone else learn how to knit their own mittens, what I knit is for me!!

 Also, as as aside I now that if I get less than seven hours of sleep,and get up really early (for me at least) that I can function well enough to do a little writing, without any coffee. I don't know how I did this, or if I ever want to repeat it, I'm just glad to know that if the world was struck by some virus that rendered all caffeine bearing plants dead (No, Please no) I might be able to function. I am a mighty force to be feared.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A front

A front is all that I have done so far on the self-designed bohemian cardi (The sweater form the last post with the Reynolds Katsura, and the yarn that shall not be named, other wise I would be mocked through out the rest of the knit blog community, that is if they don't shun me for even suggesting the very idea of it) I started the other front, but I had to temporarily let my enthusiasm wane for this project for one reason.

The one reason is that I have now become known as the knitter who will knit any thing that you ask him to, without complaining (I usually stay up at night and complain when I;m trying to sleep, do people really think that I'm not that whiney?)It started out small at first, just a few people asking me to make them a dishcloth, or some off subject comment about how they need some new mittens to match their new coat. I am normally glad about this small stuff, it allows me to not feel selfish with my knitting while at the same time I am doing them a service, not to mention how I am getting yarn out of this house because as I use up the stash, the yarn soring areas are getting smaller, where as the hand knits storage area is growing at an alarming rate. I knit the few items for the and I do it with a kind heart. But unfortunately, this plan back fires, not so much at first, but it takes months, years even, before people start to take advantage. It is so easy to say "Oh, would you make me one of those." And of course, because this is me, and I can't say no to a single soul, I say

"Oh, yes of course, I have some purple wool that would make an excellent . . ."

Then I make my cousin a nice fancy . . . and she wears it pretty often, not as often as she should, but still pretty often then other people want a . . . just like hers. I say sure, then immediately want to dig a whole in the ground and bury myself alive in it. So, the next time I see that person they ask me,  "Did you finish my . . . " Then I am forced to lie, and I tell them that I forgot about it. We repeat this whole shpeal, until I end up knitting nothing but . . . for a month because I finish one for that person, then three people want me to make them one. So, I do this, then try to give it to them in secret, but word always gets out about how I will make anything, and how I make them so fast (All lies I tell you) and it doesn't cost me a cent. (I swear, do these people think that yarn just comes out my nose as I knit it)

I can usually avoid being detected as that knitter, buy just not knitting in front of a whole lot of people, so as a result of this policy, I don't see that many non-knitters. (just family, but that isn't saying much, I have a pretty big family)

I can also avoid this by making the intended recipient wait a while for their gift. But this usually doesn't work is I see that person every day. They tend to ask if I'm working on . . . yet. If I have to tell then no, then I usually tell them I'm picking out the yarn, and this could buy me a couple of weeks.

Where was I going with this? Oh, right why the bohemian cardi is still on the front. Well, my grandmother wanted a hat, and me being "The Knitter" had to make her one. So, like the good grandson I am, I knit her a hat. (It was a cabled one, if you're going to do it, then you might as well go whole hog, I even learned to cable without a cable needle) And I am now willing to put that one behind me, it was a  nice little white hat and its done, 24 hours. Bing Bang Boom, Done!