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Thursday, November 3, 2011


More than one, hence the "s"

1. I am trying to write a book, this is my third. I have yet to intrest a publisher on any of them, but I have yet to try and intrest a publisher on any of them. Today, since I over slept and have got other stuff to do today, I let my self do only 500 words today, instead of the usual 1,000. I'm at about four hundred now, and that's taken me as long as the usual 1,000. This may be related to the twitch over my eye.
2. I don't think I can upload the sock pictures. This may be the fault of my camera, my computer, or blogger, or some combination of the three. (We are ruling out operator error on this one, my mental state is fragile.) I'll try, hold on one second.


(It was operator error, leave me alone.) Okay, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Okay, you know how when you want to add a picture to blogger you have to click that little add image button. Well, I clicked that and I tried to upload photos, but I couldn't see them on that page. But then today I just clicked the add images button, thinking that it may work or something. I don't really know what happened, I may have blacked out for a few minutes, who knows.

I guess that takes it down to one issue, or at least one that I can think of. There are probably a few more, but I'm going to ignore them.

(Let me know if you want the yarn and the pattern, more than happy to help, but only if you want me to.)

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