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Friday, November 18, 2011

Here's a hat

Here's a little hat I knit up in the past few days. It's just my basic men's hat pattern, 88 stitches, work in 2x2 ribbing until you either get sick of it, or you feel it's long enough (usually one in the same) Then switch to stockinette and knit till it's the size of my hand. (Your hand is about as long as the bottom of you ear lobes to where you should start decreasing for the crown. Handy that)

The yarn is  Plymouth Encore in Worsted. Shade #455 (what an alluring shade name).

There is a story behind the purchase of this yarn. I went into Sally's Yarn shop here in town, and I looked at the yarn there. I hate how she doesn't label the yarn, so if you want the price, you have to ask. Then you have to either buy it or appear to be cheap (which I am, but that's not the point). So I don't go in there a lot. But she was having her yarn sale (half price) so I figured that I should go in and at least get the yarn for my father's Christmas present.

I buy a lot of yarn on the cone because it's a lot cheaper that way. I could get a sweater's worth of yarn for what this hat and it's matching scarf would cost. She didn't have a worsted on the cone in the color I wanted but she brought something out of the back that she thought would be in the right shade. She showed me the yarn, told me the yardage (conveniently covering up the label) I assumed it was 100% percent wool because that's what I asked her for. I bought three skeins of it, and headed out my way to find that this yarn is 25% wool and 75% fibers that shall not be named (hint: Wal-mart yarn, only a higher quality).

I could have taken it back, but I didn't want to because then I would have been the ass who didn't ask about the fiber content. Sigh, it does knit up nice, works just like a wool, but I know in my heart that it's not. Live and learn, but it still peeves me, It'll be at least six months before I am able to go back there.

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