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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What to do today

Today will be a busy day for me. I plan to go yarn shopping for the approaching holidays (1 point for planning slightly ahead.) I hope to find some green/grey wool on the cone. Enough for a hat, scarf, and a sweater (don't worry the sweater isn't for Christmas). Then I have to go to the library and copy some pages out of an Itailian phrase book (things like bathroom, I will have, and many swear words to make learning a language culturally appropriate) (You may not have noticed, but the Itailians are very gutteral people.) Then I have to work my shift at the bookshelf (a measly three and a half hour one). And I also need to make some time today to ponder the absurdity of life, and write it down. All while maintaining my pleasent demenor. (I hate people thinking I'm nice, I really wish I could be mean, I just don't know how.)

I  got up kind of early for me this morning. And if I have time I need to write a letter. (Also have to buy stamps today, check.) Of course though, now I'm not at all in a productive mood. I don't want to write, I don't want to ponder the absurdity of life, in as much as that sounds like fun. (And when you think about it, isn't life itself a little silly?)

Geez I'm whine-y today. Haven't been sleeping to well, maybe that's why. Or maybe I should change my name and my identity and move to New England where I'll operate an old fashioned ice-cream parlor. Nah, I'll stay here.

(By the way, how's my spelling in this post, spell check says I'm good, but I don't believe them.)

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  1. It missed 'pleasent demenor', which is actually 'pleasant demeanour'. But I love the meanderings of this post! :)