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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Vant to Knit

And that really is all I want to do, knit. I suppose that after a few days I wouldn't mind returning to my current status as the most productive man alive, but I would like to take a temporary sabbatical from that. You know, for health reasons.

I may not be the most productive person alive, but I really do want to cuddle up and knit something. Especially with this weather. (I do think that Khaki season has passed, sigh.) I did manage to start the sleeve of the V-neck Aran last night. It is such a great feeling, being on the last sleeve. It's a sensation that I both love and hate at the exact same time. Love, because, well, the last sleeve never takes me that long because I can't wait to meet the finished sweater, so I always rush to get it done as soon as I can. Hate, because, with knitting two of anything, you're knitting two of it. Don't ask me why I knit so many socks only to know that I will need to of them. On socks the second one is also rushed because I can't wait to meet the pair.

I haven't worked on the BSJ for a week, because I wanted to give Tracy a while to work on it, and I wanted to make sure that Denise was in on it, I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks, so she doesn't know that we're all knitting it. So that's a little hard for me to do. I want to stay ahead of Tracy in case she runs into any hitches, but I want to wait for Denise.

But I must say, that when I finish this sweater, I will have maybe two weeks where there isn't a whole lot on the needles. After that two weeks, I'll be withdrawing from society even further, trying to knit mittens for everyone I've ever met.  As Mary from Knitting on the Cam (link on sidebar) pointed out yesterday, we Americans are lucky in the respect that we have Thanksgiving between Christmas and Halloween, where Canadians don't. (Their Thanksgiving is in the beginning of October.)

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