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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He's Back!

Sorry I't been over a month since my last post. It seems like when I fail to blog, I get more writing done, when I fail to write, I get more reading done, if I read less than I play solitare more. You know I hate computer Solitare, but I love to shuffle and deal out the cards myself. Its one of my little quirks.

I have a lot of knitting to talk about, I started an afgan for two people about three people. Hoe far do you think I'm done, a quarter, half way?
AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN'TTT!!!!!!!! Wrong! I am two thirds of the way done and motering along.

This blanket is a log cabin dandie that is big enough for one person to sleep under. It is going to be three log cabin squares by three log cabin squares, so this should give you an idea of how big it is. I finished the first two rows of the afgan and instead of working the squares one by one I decided to fit all three on the circs that I was using. So now when I finish the square, all I have to do is crochet them all together, then wheave in the end and make a quik I-cord border. Wish me luck!