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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sleeve one has landed

I repeat, sleeve one has landed.

And it's even been sewn in. Am I an over achiever or what? (Over look the fact that I still haven't started the next one. I'll do it today, right after lunch.)

Here's a few terrible shots of it with one sleeve. It's so hard to take a picture of yourself, and other people look at me funny when I want them to take a picture of me wearing a half-knit sweater.

All it needs now is a sleeve, some odd collar thing-y that I haven't quite decided on yet. (I'm thinking the Norwegian collar. It's in a lot of EZ's books. Essentially a flap with the ends sewn down. I'm sure it looks a lot better than it sounds.) A few ends to be woven in (I do love a wool yarn, for many reason, but one of which is the spit felting method of dealing with the ends.) And then, I should have a perfectly fitting cardigan.

Good News: Considering that I have more than a ball of yarn left for the sleeves and collar, and the first sleeve took less than a ball of yarn, I will have enough to finish. Such a good feeling, and now, I can do as EZ suggests, Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises. I must say that this is a lot easier to do when you don't when you are confident that there won't be any crises.

I love the fit, the drop shoulder really doesn't look to bad on a man (sorry ladies). It's easy to knit, and if done right, quite good looking. I managed to avoid the winged arms look, by stopping the sleeve increases when I thought I should be done. I love how well this thing was seemed. So neat looking, so clean and tidy, and . . . so not me.

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