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Thursday, December 24, 2009


Half way done with the afgan, I'm starting to hate this missshaped mess that i carry with me.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Went to the goodwill yoday, I found four skiens of red heart, a set of size 2 needles, a set of double pointed size 7 needles, and a whole lot of Virgian Wool, at goodwill, I'm extatic.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


The initial panic has sent in, christmas is in 6 days!!!!! I still have 3 more dish clothes to knit and 1.5 pairs of mitts left to do.

Made candy yesterday Watermelon Hard crak, Want to do some more, but there are cookies to bake and projects to finish.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Movie

Saw a good movie today, it was called Meet me in St. Louis. I would love to have any reader watch this movie.

Started christmas knitting yesterday. I only have a little left to do I have 2.5 mitts left to do and three dishclothes.

I also learned how to make socks on 2 ciccular needles i can't wait to try it.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Why do parents/teachers always assighn reaports? I think it is because they are to lazy/busy to print out a page and ask you to questions about it. why can't they just trust you to do the reaserch?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

movin' right allong

Got four more inches until i'm halfway done!

By Friday

6 more inches until i'm halfway done with the afgan, i hope that i can have it halfway done by this time tomorrow because this weekend i plan to make the last four mitts that i need to finish the gift knitting, I started early on Christmas knitting this year, try July early but for the past few monthes i have been making things for one person: ME


Free Pattern

How is every one duing out there, i figured that i should post so y'all dont think that i dropped of the earth, it's been what three hours.

Todays knitting, knitting on a knitting blog who thought of that crazy idea. As of now i am cranking out an afgan. I am making the pattern up and i will post it here.

cast on a Godly amount of stitches in random Acrillic (i know thats spelled wrong, but you know what i mean the stuff you buy at Wal-mart, no sheep were shorn in the production of this yarn),on size 10 cicular needles that can fit the Godly amount of stitches, work in seed/moss/rice(e.i. they are all the same thing)stitch until it is the same lenth as your davenport/chouch/sofa what have you (mines about six feet)stripe when ever the hell you fell like it.

great pattern huh?

mines about 2 feet long

So what are my three whole fallowers(yay!)working on?
I have a feeling that the novelty will wear of soon but for now I LOVE IT.


It's just now setting in that i have a blog woweeeeeeee!!!!!!

I love it it's like a diary, it is so neat i want all my readers to get thier own blog (my readers being me because i cant call any one until i know they are awake).

I pramise tthat i will get to something knitting related i one of my other fifty thousand posts in this one day.
This my first entry on my new Kniting blog i hope it is wonderful and sucessful and my readers dont go nuts reading all my insane thoughts.

This is a knitting blog but it will probably have a lot more than knitting involved on it. You most likley have expected that, but I feel like I should warn you anyway.

I'm not going to be able to post pictures on my brand new baby blog hopefully some day I will.