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Friday, November 12, 2010


Why did I ever sign up for Nablopomo? What was I thinking. The month is almost half over and I am out of blog fodder. Gone, completely gone. I need to do small projects, not big ones. So if I ever want to sign up for anything like this ever again, I want you to remind me about this time. Not that I will listen, but your mission, should you choose to except it, is to keep me from saying that I will do something every day. (of course there are things that I say I do every day, like brush my teeth and knit) Do not ever let me sign up for Nablopomo again (I actually didn't register for it, I just did it on a whim). At least on Monday I will get a brake from posting, because of my surgery. I think that it is a valid excuse.

Random facts of the day:
26. I wait for a cup of coffee to get cool enough and I down it in like three drinks.
27. I can't sleep when there is a person who is awake in the same room.
28.I look at my hands while I type, but I type surprisingly fast.

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