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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spinning and Surgery

So, I didn't get a lot of spinning done this week. just some of this really pretty red wool that I got at Sallys last spring and have never gotten around to spinning. Again, I just spun about half an ounce, in between Doctors appointments and various errands and whatnot.

So, I found out when my Surgery on my feet is going to be. On Monday, the fifth, that is this Monday, as in four days. The surgery isn't until noon, so I will probably be able to post on Monday morning and Tuesday evening. Is it bad that When I go in for surgery my biggest worry is how I will post (It isn't, but thats the only one I'm sharing). They have to do two operations on my right leg and one on my left leg. They will do on e on each leg on Monday and the rest in six weeks when I'm healed from the last one. I won't go into all the specifics about what they have to do to my right leg, but it is pretty gruesome. As in there will be pins sticking out of my toes to fix the arch on my right foot. They have cut bones and everything.

But there is a good thing about this; the surgery is timed perfectly. It will happen, when the sun goes into Pieces, the astrological sign associated with the feet and legs. In Geccan mythology, the sun was associated with Apollo, the god of healing and Medicine. In Pagan folklore, the sun was associated with the horned god, What animal has horns? A Bull, I am a Taurus, who was the bull. Also, the Moon will be a Apogee, meaning that it is farthest from earth. This means that the sun will have the greatest influence on earth.

Random Facts of the day:
20.I have never been under Anesthesia before.
21. If you haven't already noticed, I am a terrible speller
22.I love chocolate wafer cookies.

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