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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moving along

I swear that I say that phrase to much. In reality nothing is moving along. Nablopomo is stil going and making me deeply regret the day that I said I would do it. Deeply, I cannot come up with words on how much I hate this. And I can't even walk, so you naturally think that I would love something that I do everyday to take my mind off my troubles. AAANNNNTTTT!! Wrong. Way Wrong. I just find it had to come up with funny stuff for just a few minutes every day. I can't even imagine how comedy writers feel. That must be one of the hardest jobs in the world.

I am starting to get in a panic about all the WIP around this house. While I was getting dressed this morning I did a little mental count and I came up with.....17!

Ack, 17 WIP! I tried to calm myself down a little, I did count all the stuff that needed a little fringe or a few ends woven in, but still, that is a lot. This is also not a good time of year, to start worring about all the stuff that needs done. What with christmas, that number will probrobly increase soon. I must start to tackle this stuff soon. Hopefully I will get a lot of stuff done in time for christmas. Then I will have to get a lot of stuff done during that week in between Christmas and the New Year, then maybe (Maybe!) I can go into the New Year, with under ten. And than who knows, I might be able to get this down to under ten in the new Year. I don't think that all of this will get done by then, but at least I have a plan.

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