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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How did This Happen?

It is almost Ten-Thirty and I have been alone since I woke up at Seven-Thirty. Is this heaven? If it is I wonder how I died. I hope it was peaceful.

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. Just thought I should share that. I was up until about Two-Thirty. Do you realize how many times I have used the backspace key in this paraghraph, a lot, thats how much.(No these are not my random facts of the day)

I sighned up for a swap earlier this week.(I was saving it for blog fodder, so I wouldn't have to show you actull knitting contnt)The theme is Winter Solstice. I'm not yet sure who I will be matched up with. I just hope that I don't dissapoint my partner, I've never done one before, but I'm really exited. I just want to note here that Whatever I knit fot my partner will probrobly take the place in my goals of finishing the perfect sweater(link below). I'm so sick of the boring Stockingette that the majority of the body is composed of. Which leads me to the conclusion that the perfect sweater is not perfect, it is a pain in the ass. How can I call something perfect when I think it is a a giant pain. But alas who am I to disagree with the almighty Ann and Kay(Mason- Dixon Knitting on the side bar, they're not mighty enough for me to make another link to them)

Random Facts of the day:
4.Every time I start a sentence with the word the I always make the mistake of typing THe
5.Somtimes when I walk around town I sing to myself
6.I love to do dishes. This is a really wierd one I know, but I just like to turn on the radio and dance around while I do them.

(The link to The Perfect Sweater is on Ann and Kays side bar, I know I cheated, but making links scare me)

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