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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out of topics already

I can't belive this, I am already out of stuff to talk about. What is this sort of crap, I should be blabbering about everything nonstop. It's day three, for crying out loud. I should have plenty to say. Ohhhh! I just thought of stuff.

Yesterdays Spinning-
I almost have spun enough for a pair of socks. I am tempted to just start knitting and spin more when I need it. I have never knit with handspun, and I'm really exited about it. I'll try to hold off the urge, but I'm not making promises.

I had an Idea(eveyone duck)on the days when I hve made no knitting progress, I should just tell Random facts about me. Hell, I'll do it even when I have knitting to talk about. How about three a day. Three is a very powereful number(can you tell I have watched a lot of Charmed now that I'm laid up)

1.I cannot stand Radio commercials under no circumstances will I listen to one.
2.I love to be home alone. I wish that I lived alone so that sort of thing could happen more often. But when you live in a house with three people, all one different shifts, it takes a fair amount of fannagallin.
3.Every night I imagine some ones arms rapped around me as I fall asleep. Sad isn't it.

9 more days till I can get my learners permit!!
Just thought I should share that!


  1. Hey good luck on your learner's permit test!

  2. Thanks!!! I'm not going to take it right away, I want to get all my feet problems straightened out first