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Thursday, November 11, 2010

It is getting harder

What is it getting harder to do? To think of interesting stuff to post. (Okay, I realize that interesting is a bit of a streach, but do you want to make something of it?) So why don't we do a goals update to let you see how I'm doing on my goals. Oh, Thats right, I have only finished one. This goals thing is bad for my self-estem, but that doesn't mean that I will quite doing it. I know that one of these months I will finish all my goals, and I will feel really great about myself. ( check back around 2026 if you're waiting for that date) To be fair though, I am only in the second week of the month and I am so close to finishng another goal that I can almost smell it. Why am I rambling on about goals? I blame people like Mary and Dawn, for giving me this silly idea to post every day in November. Tomorrow's post will be about ten letters just so you know. It will still count as a posting though.

Random facts of the day:
23.I hate it when you in a car and you stop while going up a hill
24.I love sock monkeys
25.My favorite TV show is friends

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