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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Banes

There are two banes of my existence now. Bane number one is the cast, which are my fourth set. Bane number two is the lace shawl for my swap partner. Bane number one I am used to. Bane number two is driving me nuts. At first I tried the facing lilies stole from last springs Interweave. That did not work out so well. So then I tried to design my own. Lets just say that I wasted a whole day of my life trying to do this., Now, I am trying the Snowdrop shawl which is hell-bent to take at least ten years off my life. I am not even on the snowflakes yet and I have already ripped the entire thing out twice.

Thank god that I didn't have to worry about it yesterday, because I spent the whole day spinning some yarn for my swap partner. It is still not completely finished, but I like to think that it will be by this time next week

Stay tuned, you might hear of a finished sweater sometime soon. Remember, I said might.

I swear Dancing with the stars is rigged. I mean Brandy sent home and Bristol stayed. It is rigged I tell you. And you know who is at the bottom of it. Sarah Palin.

Random Facts of the Day:
41.It really bothers me when people use their forks to get butter out of the container.
42.I am trying not to be as critical as I usually am, but it is hard.
43. I always oversleep

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