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Sunday, November 7, 2010


I did it. Last night around Nine-Thirty I finished my first handspun yarn, and it feels great.(I know, tuesday are for spinning, but I really wanted to spin, I had to take advantage of it) This roving is old, so old that I don't even remember what it is. All I know is that it is wool, that is it. Pretty sad right, but I am really exited. I can't wait until I can use this stuff. I would have cast on the pair of socks that it was destined for, if I hadn't had all the technical stuff to do(Wash it, and try to get some of the wrinkles out of it)I would have done it right then. As it is I'm going to have to wait until I get my casts off til I can do all technical stuff(Tuesday the ninth!!!)So it will be a while. I kind of want to finish some of the stuff that I had on my goals(there will be a finished goal tomorrow, A big round of virtual applause for the person who can guess which one)

Random Facts of the day
10.I have an issue with knitting bags. I always have to have a perfect one that can hold anything that I will possibly need and not look to bulky, or like a purse.
11.I always start my Christmas gifts early. Usually around the end of July, bu this year I got cocky and I now have to hope to have them all dine by mid December.
12.Whenever I get into a fight with someone I always stay up at night thinking about what I could have said.

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