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Saturday, November 20, 2010


No, I'm not ahead, on anything important, like school, writing, but, you guessed it, knitting (it is pretty safe to assume that I am doing this for a long time). I finished the first number one husband sock. I'll give you the sats once I finish the next one.

On a related note, I have started the Andromeda socks, I'm about four inches into a six inch pattern. I'm  loving the lace patterns, and I feel so smart about making cables without a cable needle. I hope to be on the heel by Monday.

Last night I almost saw a return of the Claw. You know what the claw is and don't you deny it. For those of you who are pretending to be ignorant on the subject of the claw, the claw is manifestation of all evil. The Claw is when your hand gets so stiff from knitting that you can't use it. It likes to surface around this time of year, at least with me. Like last year when I was knitting a thanksgiving sweater that was not only to short for me and still remains unfinished to this day. Some times it just comes back in a big way, like with that sweater. Other times it comes back in a little way. It usually starts out in a Little way, and if it remains untreated, then it will come in a big way. I have only had the big Claw once and know every time that I feel it returning I put down the knitting and don't touch it till the next morning. That is the best defense.

Random facts of the Day:
50.  I love Italian food.
51. I am very Romantic.
52. I save homemade stitch markers, as in the kind made out of yarn.

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