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Friday, November 19, 2010


It is getting harder and harder to post every day. I know you hear me whine about this stuff all the time. Yada yada yada, what else is new. I actully do think of stuff to post, just I don't remember it. So today I have made a list. What is this "list" thing you ask. Well, two days ago I really started to freak out about Christmas,(by freak out I mean sit on bed at night and stare at the wall) So last night I made a list and I was actully smart enough to save it and share it with all of you. Are you on the edge of you seat yet. Cause you should be. Oh, I probobly should tell you what the list is all about. It is everyone I making presents for and what I have done.

Dad-Hat, Blanket
      The hat is done and the Blanket is almost done.

Mom-Fingerless gloves, hat, Firefly Scarf
         A few ends to be woven in and it will be done

Gona ( My mothers mother)-Citron, mittens, and dishclothes
         Citron just needs a few tassels, the dishclothes are done. The mittens are another story, almost to the top of the first one. I only do a few rows of these a day, because they are Fair Isle and really slow going.

Grandpa-Scarf, mittens, dishclothes, and possibly a hat
          All done exept for the possibile hat.

Brianna-Purse, mittens scarf
           The purse needs to be felted more, the mittens need to be started, but the scarf is completly done.

I also should have a few emergency presents and I kind of have a poncho to make for someone.

So, you can see that I'm not in that big of a hurry. Not in a hurry about christmas I mean. I am in a hurry about my swap though. You see, I want to make my partner these Andromeda socks. They call for a size 2.5mm(us 1) and My only size one is in the Number One Husband Socks so I have to finish at least the first one before I can start the socks for my partner. I set a deadline for Saturday night. I should make it, I am just after the heel.

Random Facts of the day: (I am really feeling the love from lists)
47.I always stay up to late.
48.My secret ingrident in cookies is some tea that has been brewed. (by tea I mean the water, not the leaves)
49.I really don't like kids very much.

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