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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knitting Content

I finally have some of that for you. One Christmas present is done. Done! Done! Done!It was the Mittens that I was making for my Grandpa. They were plain black, and done with a really old pattern that I got out of some book at a yard sale. The pattern wanted them to be kint flat and seamed up later. But I didn't want to do this, because I hate seeming on anything small, and on anything that it is not for me. I don't mind doing something small like a sweater, but I don't like to do things for other people. The sweaters that I make are always for me and I juat find seeming them is just more fun for me. Back to my (not mine) mittens, I cut the yarn for this project really close, I mean really close. When I was done with them I had about a yard of yarn left over. The mittens are a little different because I fuged some of the decreases. (the pattern was in double knitting, mine was singular) But I think that it worked out so I hope that he likes them.

My next mitten project is from Norweigian Handknits and its Fair Isle. This will be the first time that I have ever done a whole garmet (yes, mittens are garmets)in color work. They have a flower on the back that will be done in red with a white backround. I'll try and post a link somewhere on this page (I haven't quite gotten hold of the whole link thing)

Random facts of the Day:
17. I have to have all the towls hanging neatly in the kitchen.
18. Anne of Green Gables is my favorite book.
19. I get exited when ever the seasons change. Even if I really loved the season before, I get exited for the change.

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  1. I actually linked, I was so exited that I forgot to proof read it.