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Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Down, More to go

I did it.I finished one of my goals for this month. Who's the best,me, thats who. The goal that I finished is number three. I actually went over my monthly suggested amount, and did six of the things.

All right, I cannot keep up this sharde any longer, half of them are not dishcloths, but they're scrubbies. I know that was very wrong of me to try to pass them off as dishcloths, but I am one week into November and I haven't finished any goals yet. In all fairness, I will probably do some more for Christmas. I hate the things, but I know that people will love to get them, and that almost makes it worth my while. Almost. And in keeping with this fairness, they do clean dishes, and they are made of cloth so.... why can't they be considered as dishcloths. 

Random Facts of the Day:
13.I keep a shawl by the side of my bed in case I can't sleep and I get up and I am cold.
14.I have my sock yarn stash on two different shelves. The top shelf is the good stuff, the bottom is the bad yarn .
15.When I type, I cannot stand to have the red and green lines in my work, even if I knew I have done nothing wrong. So usually end up running the spell check every other minute.

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