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Friday, November 5, 2010

I had an Idea

That idea is to replace all that dishclothes that I have to make with scrubbies insted. For the deprived among you. A scrubbie is something you can make to scrub pots and pans with, that looks like those things that you can but three for a doller at the groccery store. I decided that I could make a whole bunch of those to give away with the dishclothes. Their a lot(well, lot is a strech)of fun to make and I'm hoping that they break up the dish clothes monotiny. I realized the other days that I will be needing more dishclothes that I have planned now, so I will probrobly do mre that five in this month.

You will never guess what show I realized that I love yesterday. Desperate Housewives. Please don't juge or make fun of me, it can happen to the best of us. This is how it happened:I was trying to get a little work done (writing, not school work)and mom was sitting here,watcching TV and being a big anoyance.Then dad came down here and insted of changing thae channel, he sat and watched her show(he had juat woken up, what can you expect) When her show was over, Dad was still to weak,(actully he was on the phone I think) and he left the channel on. Then boom all of the sudden all three of us were hooked.

Random stuff of the day:
7.I cannot tolerate it when a cabnet door is left open, especally the bathroom cabnet
8.I love Meg Ryan Movies. The Romatic Comedy is my favorite grenre of movie ever. Especially the ones that she did with Tom Hanks.
9.When I was in the Fourth grde I passed out and had to get two staples put into my head.

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