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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Okay, so you know the sweater below, the one that I said I liked a little. Well, I've change my mind. A while ago, I decieded that I didn't want to keep looking at it in the state that it was in. So, I just did a crochet steek up the center, chop, chop, chop. I have a cardigan. I'll post pictures of it once I get up the gumption to sew in a zipper, and can find someone to take a picture of the sweater.

Other that that, I really am not knitting anything now. I'll probably pull out a WIP and let it have a few hours of attention till I feel that I'm ready to start my forray into knitting upolstery. (I swear, I thought that this would be a bigger idea than it was. I tell people my plans and they just look at me.) I just swatched for it, and I think that I'll even that swatch. It's one thing to get bitten by a sweater that's to big, but when you're doing something as crazy big as knitting a slipcover, you need to watch this kind of stuff.

I take back that whole not knitting anything at the moment. I am working on the Baby Surprise Jacket. But that is out for a few days for two reasons. One, I have to count. Two because I have to pace myself on this thing a little. It is a Knit-A-Long after all, and I'm blowing them out of the water. I want to finish first, but I don't want to finish too soon. It doesn't help that I knit fast, and this was really the only thing I worked on for several days and nights.

 I've got some mindless socks on the needles because I like to keep them on the needles, but I hate to use those for my main, go-to knitting, it feels like I'm cheating. So I'll probably pull out the sweater that never ends, and maybe help it get a little closer for to that end.

It also dosn't help that I've got a really restless feeling. About everything. Writing, knitting, reading, all of that feels slightly off. I don't know why, but the only thing that really feels right is spinning. Of course, having to re-write a >60,000 word novel by the end of March means that I'll have to hunker down a little, whether I want to or not. I will, I just won't want to. I think I need to go for a long walk.

I think that I may even want to get startitis.*

*To non-knitters, this means that you have the inexplicable urge to start and finish a whole bunch of knitting. I usually hate it, but I think that it would be good for that restless feeling if I channeled it into something. Sane people would tell me that I should get out a little bit more, and maybe get those knitting books off my desk.

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