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Thursday, January 26, 2012

I finished Something!

And it's not Entrelac. I took a brief break from knitting those little squares to finish up the Baby Surprise Jacket. Last night I took it too Knit Nite to deal with the seams there. All it took was an hour and a crochet hook and I was done with it. (Aside from the part where I have to sew buttons on it, which will wait for a baby)

Another Baby Surprise Jacket, knit out of my leftovers. My gauge was a little off, so it's larger. We'll call it the toddler surprise Jacket.

Wow, these pictures aren't half bad. I may be getting better at this.

I know that I'm the one who asked for a spinning wheel, but it's really starting to cut into my knitting time. It's highly additive, and I really am beginning that I like spinning more than knitting. Or at least what I'm knitting, really, the Entrelac is really the only fun thing that I'm working on. The boring sweater which probably will be abandoned soon, the boring socks which still need to get off the ground. I'm looking forward to starting something new and exciting. Which I won't be able to do if I don't back away from the wheel slowly.

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