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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A confession and a new project in that order

First, the confession --

Knitted slipcovers is indeed a bad idea. While I do love me some crazy and/or highly obsessive projects, I think that this one might truly be the one that breaks the camels back. This might be too much even for me. First off, there was the thing about how I wasn't able to cast on 350 stitches in a 45minute episode of Buffy. Then there was the issue of what edging to do. I fixed that, and then when I started the body, I realized that there was a twist in the cast on. I knew I would have to rip back a little. Fine, I can live with that.

Then, while it was off the needles, I tried it on the chair. Let's just say, the size of the start, resembled the size of my chair the same way that my house resembles the Sarah Winchester Mansion. (Though, they both have few straight lines, her's was intentional though.)

Sigh, it was a dumb idea anyway. I'll let Debbie New figure this one out.

A new Project --

Yesterday I took a class over at Cornerstone Yarns* on Entrelac. Yes, Entrelac, my nemesis. And I'm sorry to say.

I've defected and gone to the other side. My new name is Alexander Beaverhousien. This site is now named Alex Knits Communist Style.

Really a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm a little ashamed to admit how silly it was to be afraid of this. I love how medative the little squares are, the neat way that they interlock (I'm sensing the origin of the name) together.

Love, simply, totally love it.

*What I have to say about this yarn shop is that they've got beautiful yarns, pleasant and knowledgeable staff. It's well lit, well staffed, and perfectly welcoming. However, it's got the price to match. I'll stick to my Jo Ann's, and save this LYS stuff for when I'm a rich and famous author.

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  1. There is something so exciting about entrelac, and I love the texture of the finished its,.