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Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's a Saturday

And I've got nothing to knit.

Let me explain a little. I've really got a lot to knit. I've got plenty of knitting, it's all over the place, I've got about three projects within arms reach. (The knitting basket is right next to my desk, how convenient.)

But the problem is that, aside from the entrelac, I don't have anything I WANT to knit. The entrelac will probably be finished this weekend, and I haven't got a clue about what to do to replace it. For the first time in forever, I don't know what I want to knit next.

I wonder into the place where I keep most of my yarn and I look at say, the sock yarn. I look at it, and I just see yarn. I don't see potential, I don't see miles of fun and infinite possibilities, I just see yarn. That's spooky.

I think about starting another sweater, even though I've got two close by, but they're not fun. I think maybe a cabled sweater. I start to imagine what it has, what it looks like, even what yarn I should use. Then I think cables? Is that really what I'm about right now, do I really want to knit cables? Colorwork? Can I really take a PLAIN sweater now? Don't I already have a bunch of those started?

In response to this . . . despondent feeling (really, I can take HUGE amounts of indirection in my personal life, but not in my knitting) I've decided something. I'm going to go around the house and do a few rows on every unfinished thing that I've got laying around, (not really that many, not more than ten) and see if anything takes. Good plan?

Yes? No? Is this thing on? I'm seriously considering moving to Typepad, or some other place where people who don't have a google account can comment. Is that a good idea too? What does that reader from India think?

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