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Friday, December 31, 2010

A whole lot of finished stuff!!

And a whole lot of finished stuff is what I have. I have been knitting my brains out trying to get my self down to as few WIPs as possible. It has worked for the most part, I have been knitting my brains out, more than usual. (I can't spare any brains to knit out, I need every brain cell that I can get, I am almost out) I have subtracted the one project that I know that will not be finished this year, It was a blanket about one quarter of the way done. I didn't quit working on it because I didn't want to, quite the oppiste of that, but because I wanted to clear the decks of all the knitting, for the new year, and to keep the number of WIPs around five. I want to type up some New Years Resolutions and post them here. That way if I slip up I have you to yell at me. And I want for you to yell at me to, I'm talking about all caps people, or to really pound it into your brain: I WANT YOU TO YELL AT ME!!

Wow, do my paragraphs ramble! I hope that you don't mind, It kind of bothers me, just a little.

So, on with the knitting, be prepared for even more rambling paragraphs.

I will start with the oldest un-blogged finished object, the Thoroughbred Sweater (Ravelry link, and thank you ravelry for the photo) (Just picture mine with a black backround, with a white stripe)

This was great knit and I really enjoyed making it, even though it took me so long. It was started back in July, and finished earlier this month. I apologize for waiting so long to blog this, but I am a really big procrastinator.

Alright, what is next... I blogged about all of the christmas knitting, so thats done, so now I move on to....

The Perfect Sweater!

That's right, the Perfect Sweater from the side bar at Mason-Dixon knitting! Sorry no pictures of this on, because of how heavily altered it is. Lets just say, that I turned the Pullover Pattern into a cardigan. Need I say more. But anyway, I love the way that this one feels and wears. Its the wool yarn I tell you, it can make anything great. On even a natural fiber, they're all great.

I finished yet another one of my goals, the only one left, # 4, Finish Abby's poncho. I made this one out of some acrylic, mostly odd balls left in the stash. I edged this with some feather and fan stitch so I could avoid the dreaded fringe. Hope you like it Abby.

I also finished a pair of fingerless gloves that I love to absolutely no end. This was a pattern I made up using some of my own Handspun. They are so warm and soft, and I can't get enough of them.

To match the fingerless gloves (that I always want to call mitts, but I'm the only one who knows what this means, so I keep trying to call them fingerless gloves) I made the most beauuuutiful cowl ever. It starts with a half inch or so of 1x1 ribbing, fallowed by seed stitch striped with my hand spun and a single skin of Jan Yarn that I just love. (For those of you who don't know, there is some Lady I know, who gives me a lot of her own yarn, and I'm talkin about, goooooood yarn, not the odd balls of acrylic that Connie gives me) (But I am grateful for any yarn I get) ( you know, I  have a lot of people who give me yarn, I have trained them well) I finished of the cowl with more ribbing, and I love it. just love it, like a lot of stuff I have knit lately.

After I finished the cowl I pulled out a WIP that is older than this blog, a dishcloth rug from the first Mason-Dixon knitting. (I'm not going to post a link, because you should own that book already) That had three of the squares done, and I finished it off with three squares that I made using the log cabin method. The reason that this project got waylaid was because of the yarn that I was using. It was Aunt Lydia craft and rug yarn. Now I'm sure that Aunt Lydia was a lovely person, but she must have had a mean side to inflict this upon innocent knitters. I finished the rug off with a border of applied I-cord and love it to no end. One of our cats was afraid to walk on it. he just walked around it and smelled it, Never setting paw on it.

I guess that December was a very productive month, so I give myself and A+ for this one. 

So, it's New Years Eve, this year, I think that I will make some resolutions. The knitting ones will be posted on the side bar, and the personal ones will be in tomorrows post with January goals. Have a great New Year


  1. Wow! That's a lot of knitting. You should be moving into 2011 feeling very good about yourself!

  2. thanks Garret I am sure I will love the poncho! :)