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Monday, December 13, 2010

Doing fine!

I have actually been going downstairs about every day now. It is so nice to be able to leave my little room every now and again. You know this whole foot having a million pins in it and not being able to walk thing, has taught me a whole lot about not taking things for granted. Things like going to the bathroom without help (no one saw me naked, I have to much pride for that one), or getting my own food. The pain isn't to bad, I am down to about two Advil and one pain pill a day. I had surgery a week ago, I don't think that that little medication is a bad thing. Not to mention that this has given me so much tile to knit, it is not even funny.

On  a completely un-related note, did anyone see Desperate Housewives last night? Let me be the first to tell you that I was a little scared there for a minute. Really it was closer to about three minutes. Okay, five minutes. Well, when I think about it it was anywhere from seven to ten minutes. When Susan was trampled, and Gabi had to crawl under the car, and when the mod broke the car windows out of those guys car. ( I forgot their names, I just remember that one of them was on One Life to Live) I was petrified I tell you petrified. All because of that evil Paul Young. I am now very thankful that I do not have a Paul-like person on my street. Or at least I hope I don't have on on my street. I just wonder who shot him?

(I would like to take a minute to tell everyone that I am sorry if they don't watch Desperate Housewives, They will probrobly find this next part pretty boring, there will be minimal talk of knitting at the end of this post.) (And if you don't watch Desperate Housewives, I think that you should reconsider your TV viewing habits)

1. My first suspect is Paul himself, trying to frame anyone on Wisteria Lane. I am not quite sure how he would do this, but I wouldn't doubt him for a minute.

2.It could have been the realtor guy (the same one in the car) killing him trying to get revenge for tricking him. Or anger towards Paul. The possibilities are endless.

3.It could have been Felita Tillmans daughter. I don't know her name, (I am usually good with names, I don't like this)but the whole being in love with Paul could have been a clever ruse. She was sent there to get revenge on Paul, for her Aunts murder. (by Paul)

I think the answer will be a little clearer to me once I see what happend to Susan. Is she dead, or just knocked out, or did she just faint? And all of this brings up the question in me, Can I trust my neighbors? And also, who will move in the empty house next door, will it be my streets version fo Paul Young, I hope to Mother Earth no.

Can I trust my neighbors?

I knit a hat. I decided to make an amendment to my goals, Insted of the three scrubbies, I will knit two hats. The first one (the one I knit) is a plain black one, for Grandpa, to match his mittens and scarf ( did I remember to tell you about the scarf, oops. Must have slipped my mind) The next one will be a fancy-shmancy cable ordeal to make my sisters mittens, I still have to go though my patterns, to find this cabled hat. but I know that I have one. It is one of those free patterns, that they give a way at craft stores. And let me tell you know that Jo-Ann's has the best by far.

Less than one mitten to go. I am really loving this Fair Isle thing. And I can't wait till I finish all of my Christmas knitting, so I can knit myself some mitten for my cold hands. I will tell you about my mittens tomorrow. (or maybe the day after) I don't want to use up all the blog fodder at once. Must conserve blog fodder at all costs.

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