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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Julie and Julia

So, last night I thought that that the thing that I needed most would be a good movie to finish off yet another WIP. ( Fun Fact, this one involves log cabining, ballband dishcloths, craft and rug yarn, and applied I-cord) Enter Netflix. Let me just tell you know that I love Netflix with the white-hot-burning-love-of-a-thousand-suns. It is just so handy having all of those movie right there at your fingertips. Anyway back to what I watched. I finally saw Julie and Julia, and I fell in love. That is a movie I have been waiting to see for a really long time now, and I'm glad that I finally did it. Now, you know that I'm a big sap, and I love a Romantic Comedy, but this one was better somehow. I think that it was because they didn't have two star crossed lover getting together in romantic moment at the end, it also helped that the heroine had a crappy job and a small apartment, so it made her seem more real. This movie was more about finding yourself, then finding love. It helped that the blog software that she used was the exact same that I use,only it was older.

More than anything though, It made me want to cook, which is no small feat. It made me realize just how much I miss things like cooking, and doing dishes (dancing to music while I do it of course) and how much I want to do them again. Do you know how long it has been since I cooked some thing? Or even made coffee? Both have been way to long. (the coffee about six weeks, the cooking about tree and a half months) At this point I would take anything, even heating up boxed fish in the shape of a triangle. I thought that when I decided to have the surgery, that I would love to be able to spend all of my time writing, or knitting, but it really does suck, having to be in a sitting position all the time. I haven't really done that much writing, a lot less than you would expect anyway, I just haven't been inspired to write, you know, I just haven't gotten enough experience in the world here lately to come up with any decent story lines. I even miss volunteering, which is a sentence that I never thought in my entire life that I would end up uttering. That's how desperate I am for any sort of life outside of this house.

And if I'm not upset enough as it is the other day I googled myself and went through over twenty pages before I came up with my facebook page. How depressing was that. Then I googled Garret Knits Ohio, and I had to go through two pages of crap before I found this blog. Wow, is all that I could say, maybe if I try again, I could find me a lot faster.

(Sorry for the rant today, I just wanted to vent a little, stay tuned for more knitting)

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