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Sunday, December 19, 2010


It appears to be my one year Blogversiary. I started this blog one year ago today. This is my 65th post and I have got nothing else to say.

Well, I could say how much I hate people who change their minds, this close to Christmas, about what kind of gift they wanted. And it's not like they changed it from a hat to mittens, they stated a asking for a tote bag. KILL ME!!!! That person, who shall remain nameless, is on my naughty list this year and is lucky that I still am taking to year.

Oh, I also wanted to thank this blog for how fast I have gotten at typing from it. It took me from a hunt and pecker, to a person whose fingers fly across the keys, making about one mistake every other word. Well, like I always say" Ya win some, Ya lose some.

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