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Saturday, December 10, 2011


Here's some shots of the knitting that I mentioned earlier this week.

That's the not-so Jali Cardigan. I had a lot of issues with the body so I replaced it with a simple feather and fan. So far a lot better, even though it did take me an hour to knit one row last night. It's moving a lot faster now, and I was even able to knit more than one repeat during an hour this morning. Working on it whenever I can. (kind of.) 

 Here is the BSJ, working on it for a KAL. I'm going to do another one it January, this one it much more of a practice one. I'm going to write down where I ran into problems, and hope that it'll help a few of the less experienced, and less thinking knitters. The pattern isn't hard, but it is one that makes you think, and if you're knitting this for the first time, my advice would be to count your stitches often, and to read through the directions thoroughly. There is one point where she means "at the same time" but doesn't say it. You increase the back while continuing the miter increases. (Sorry for the knitting techno talk, rest assured it will help someone.)
Last but not least is a little top-down sweater that I'm making up as I go along. No gauge swatch, not really much of a plan, knit on the fly, I'm whinging it. Need to get back to this, but I have to work on the two shown above. About two more inches and then I'll be done with the body. I'm not setting a deadline for it, but let's just say I hope to ring in the New Year while wearing this sweater. (Party Animal)

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