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Sunday, December 18, 2011

That Operation really did have a lot of benifits

As some of you will recall, this time last year I was flat on my back, bilateral casts from the knee down. While this had the benefit of straightening my feet out, it also made me lose weight (I grew, and I couldn't get out of bed to eat) and I got a huge head start on the Christmas knitting. (I also had an excuse to stay home a lot) You know you have got a lot of free time when you start the yearly round of presents in January. I digress though, and move on to today, and more specifically last night.

Even with all that added knitting, I still wasn't sure if I would make it. I had a lot of my mother's Christmas sweater still to do, and the ends on a giant blanket. So I decided to do what the Harlot (you know what Harlot) was going to do. Hit the knitting hard, and make sure that's it's still possible. And let me tell you something, I don't want to get to cocky, but boy, is it ever possible. While a week ago I was a few skeins short of losing it entirely, I am serene now. (Not to rub it in or nothing.)

Here's some shots of my mother's sweater, which will be finished on Christmas morning, hopefully without any manic midnight (or two or three a.m.) knitting sessions.

Sorry, computer issues, I'll try later today, or tomorrow. I'm really sorry. Suffice to say it's a lot bigger, and actually looks like a sweater, instead of a shapeless blob.

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