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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Two

This spinning thing really is as addictive as they say it is, I've had my wheel for two full days -- today is the third -- and I've spun about 10oz. of fiber. This is getting to be a serious addiction. Today I sat at the wheel for a minute while I waited for my coffee to heat up. I spun while waiting for a phone call. It's getting out of hand.

While my wheel, now named Clara and will be referred to as such, still remains temperamental, I'm starting to learn how she works. 

On Christmas Day, I spun this:

That's 5 oz. of a nice Lincoln fiber. Great to learn on, and what's more, I actually like the finished product.

Here's yesterday's, and today's spinning.

Here's some merino top, that became this. 

Hopefully you'll see ply-ing tomorrow.

Spinning on a drop spindle is like knitting, it takes a while, and can be very difficult and hard on your arms. Spinning is much more like weaving, fast, but none the less magical.

Can't wait to play with Clara more.

1 comment:

  1. "Clara is temperamental?" I'm sure user error has nothing to do with it. ;-)
    Looks great so far, way better than my first foray into spinning (which lasted about 3 hours and ended with a broken spindle). Have fun and Happy New Year!