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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Even I'm amazed

At how much knitting I can cram into a day. I think it helps when you DON'T STOP KNITTING. Really, I was feeling the burn that both A. Crazy people, and B. Knitters, both feel at this time of year. (Really, A and B are almost interchangeable, it depends on the knitter, and/or the crazy person.) Monday saw one present finished, Tuesday saw a pair of mitts finished -- and it was finished on Tuesday might I add, knitting late at night, party animal. Yesterday saw seems and button bands on the sweater, today it will hopefully see buttons, and woven in ends, (and the recipient RUINING CHRISTMAS*) I hope to do that in additions to weaving in the ends on one giant blanket. Add a few dishcloths to that, and I can call myself DONE. I'm not saying that I'll finish on time, but I'm saying that it doesn't really matter.
Monday, I knit a hat in about six hours, in addition to cooking. My mother guilted my into in by saying those words that she's forbidden to say this time of year, and I quote, "You know, so-and-so, would really like a hat." Well, push me right over and hand my my knitting. She later apologized for planting the idea in my highly suggestive head. Here's Monday's hat. A Prime Rib watchcap in bulky yarn. I got mine from Knitting without Tears. (Where else would I get it.) A little on the small side, but I crossed the finish line with about a yard of yarn -- living on the edge.
Tuesday I was very proud of myself though, because I knit those while doing a lot of my shopping, working a volunteer gig reading at the library (I got a few strange looks as I juggled a book and my needles) and mixing up the dough for several kinds of cookies.
Picture another hand, exactly like this, wearing another one, exactly like this. I did need one hand to operate the camera with.

Here's a sight to make you weep with pride. All the Christmas knitting (or most of it) freshly washed. I did my own then too though, figured while I was at it, right? 

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