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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Post Chirstmas!!

I hope that you all had as good a holiday as I did. I walk into my kitchen, and I am thankful beyond belief to think "Wow, how am I ever going to eat all this food." instead of "Where is my next meal coming from.

Moving on from that slightly heavy, but much needed sentiment, I'm here to tell you about the knitty side to my holidays. Or I should probably say, the spinny side of the day.
Any Guesses?
Yes, I am now the proud possessor of an antique spinning wheel. It doesn't work so well, but it does work, as evidenced by the hank of handspun that is drying about three feet away from where I write this. I would show you that, but I had some tec. issues. Still, I did spin 5oz. of Lincoln wool yesterday.

As a spindle spinner for most of my spinning "career" I am amazed by how very quick this goes. People always tell you how much faster a wheel is, but you never really see it until you actually try it. While it took me forever to figure it out (and I was a quick learner, thanks to all that work on the spindle)  I sat down yesterday, and by the time I was ready for bed, I had 5 more ounces of handspun for my (very small) collection of it. Today, here in about five or so minutes, I'll have even more. This stuff, I'll even ply it.

This could get very addictive, stay tuned.

(More about the holidays tomorrow. This was the big news, tomorrow you'll hear about the best reaction to any handknit present that I've ever gotten.)

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