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Friday, July 1, 2011


Okay, you guys all know that I am some technical genius right. Yeah, well, not so much. I rudely awakened by that fact a few days ago when I realized that my computer (my wonderful, badly abused) computer has an SD slot. To those of you, who are like me, and have no clue what that is, an SD slot is a slot in your computer where you can put your memory card in, and upload pictures to your computer.

I spent about a half-hour this morning, wrangling with my camera and computer and this is what I've come up with. The pictures were taken at around midnight last night, so please forgive the *ahem* quality. I'll try to do better.

 Here are a few scrubies that I have been cranking out the past few days. They are perfect to knit while you read. They are also perfect for using up scraps. Garter Stitch and acrylic, oh boy does that take me back.

 This one is a lot less glowing than it really looks. I swear, it is not radioactive.

 I finished this one off with two rows of green, that explains that thing on the bottom. Didn't want you all to start thinking that I was already using these things on dishes.

Don't tell the other ones, but this one is my favorite. So sunny and cheerful. Again, in real life it doesn't damage your eyes that bad.

And here is a dishcloth that I cranked out to go with those three. I had to change the way I was striping it in the middle of it because I realized that it was the EXACT same one that I had made for my mother previously. And because this took me so long to post, I missed my window in the bathroom time shedule. Grrr! It was worth it though. Now I feel like one of the *real* bloggers. I am going to run around today and snap pictures of everything.

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